Research in the lab uses a variety of cognitive, behavioural, and physiological measurements including reaction time, signal detection tasks, facial electromyography, cardiovascular activity, eye movement, and self-report tasks.

Publications & Recent Presentations


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Philipp, M., (2017). Social Exclusion Triggers Adaptive Reciprocation of Emotional Expressions. Talk presented at the International Society for Emotion Research Conference, St Louis, USA. Slides from the talk available on OSF

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.30.44 PM.png

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Accepted post-print & Open Data

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Student projects from the lab

Katie Knapp (2019), PhD - topic: Exploring the relationship betwen task switching and working memory.

Mark Colville (2018), MA - topic: Does state anxiety affect personal space? A replication of Sambo & Iannetti's (2013) defensible space method.

Olivia Sievwright (2018), MA - topic: Examing the effects of eye movement therapy (EMDR) on the propensity to develop false memories in a laboratory setting.

Mel Thacker (2017), MSc - topic: Does suspicion of motives mediate the relationship between social pain and smile discrimination?

Daniel Allen (2017), BSc Honours - topic: The impacts of self-compassion on exercise performance.

Adeela Razali (2017), BSc Honours - topic: Does social pain affect suspicion of motives?

Shabeena Hussain (2016), BHlthSci Honours - topic: Social pain and empathy: An investigation using the Toronto Empathy Questionnaire and the Empathy Quotient

Linda Krug (2016), BSc Honours - topic: In the Eye of the Beholder: Does Social Pain Change Eye Dwell-time?

Tayla Reti (2016), BA Honours - topic: Measuring implicit association between sport and drinking behaviours in New Zealand adolescents

Olivia Williams (2015), BA Honours - topic: Laughter Contagion: A Study of the Congenitally Deaf.

Sarah Duffield (2012), BPsycSc Honours Thesis - topic: Cognitive intervention of implicit race bias: The role of group salience

Laura Lombardo (2012), BPsycSc Honours Thesis - topic: Hurt feelings and four letter words: The effects of verbal swearing on social pain

Magen Seymour-Smith (2012), BPsycSc Honours Thesis - topic: Female Mate Selection Strategies and Preferences Following Cues of Social Acceptance and Rejection

Micheal Simpson (2012), BPsycSc Honours Thesis - topic: Observing the Macbeth effect: An exploratory study examining the association between threatened moral purity and cleansing behaviour