Meet the people in our lab . . .


Michael Philipp [Lecturer]

Michael directs the Social Cognition Lab in the School of Psychology at Massey University. [more info...]

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Lyneil Gray
  • Sana Rehman

Research students

  • Katie Knapp [PhD]
  • Shabeena Hussain [DClin]
  • Melanie Thacker [Masters]
  • Adeela Razali [Hons]

Lab alumni

Olivia Sievwright [RA]

Morgan Alexander [RA]

Linda Krug [Hons]

Shabeena Hussain [Hons]

Tayla Reti [RA; Hons]

Olivia Williams [Hons]

Research Collaborators

Pete Cannon @ Massey

Katie Greenaway @ UQ

Stephen Hill @ Massey

Toby Mündel @ Massey

Michael Owren

Andy Towers @ Massey

Eric J. Vanman @ UQ