Interested in participating in our research? Research participation is generally open to anyone aged 17 or older. A list of our current research studies is listed below with a description of each study and link to the study registration page. Before participating in a study, be advised of the following:

  1. Some studies will place additional restrictions about who can participate. See the notes column of the table for details about who can participate in the study.
  2. Prior to participating in a study you will be asked to provide a valid email address. We will use your email address only to communicate with you about the study you have registered for.
  3. At the conclusion of your participation we will ask if you would like to hear about the results of the research you have participated in. If you do want to learn about the outcomes of the study, we will use your email address to contact you with that update.
  4. Neither your email address nor any other identifying information that you provide will be shared with anyone outside of our research team. If at any point you receive an email from us that you do not want, please let us know and we will stop it. Similarly, if we ever ask you for information during a study that you would prefer not to share, just leave it blank or skip the question.